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JD's Christmas Wish

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JD's Christmas Wish

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JD's Christmas Wish--Out now from The Wild Rose Press

JD McAaden is scared. His parents fight all the time. As JD writes his letter to Santa, he realizes that he'll give up everything if only his family can be saved. With the heart-rending innocence of a child, JD pins his faith on elves and the spirit of Christmas.

A mysterious invitation to visit North Pole Village for the holidays is all that is keeping Faith and Taylor McAaden's marriage together. Faith has promised to give her son one last special outing before she sues for divorce. But in the magic atmosphere of hope, Faith and Taylor learn that love lurks even in the darkest hours and that with JD's Christmas Wish their family can be made whole again.

Praise for JD’s Christmas Wish

“Very sweet, but very real, and it will resonate with a lot of women who are looking for their own Christmas marriage miracle. Family. Christmas. A cool Santa town. Your story has everything!”

~Sena Conway, 1st Place 2007 Melody of Love Contest



JD's Christmas Wish received 4.5 books from Long and Short Reviews.
Review snippet: "This is a charming, feel-good story, that will resonate with its readers. Pick one up for yourself to kick off your holiday season!"


J.D.’s jaw dropped as he read the last syllable, and he stared at the postcard as if he’d read the words wrong. Taylor glanced at his wife, and if he didn’t know better, he’d say shock flowed through her veins, too. Eventually, she looked at him, and the little sparkle in her eyes almost stalled his breath.

On the back of the couch, her hand found his and squeezed, and their gazes held for a long, captivating moment before J.D. started jumping and screaming in childish exuberance.

“I’m going to the North Pole! I’m going to the North Pole!” He stopped abruptly, his eyes wide. “Do you think I’ll get to see Santa there?”

“I don’t know,” Taylor answered, dreading the day their innocent little boy realized Santa went by other names: Mom and Dad. “Santa’s real busy right before Christmas.”

“Maybe I’ll get to see an elf then! And some reindeer! Oh, geez…I gotta call Nathan. He’s gotta know about this. It’s sooooo cool! I’ll be right back!”

Without another word, he sprinted from the room, and Faith and Taylor’s combined laughter mingled together to fill the void he’d left in his wake. “Do you think he might be a tad bit exited?” Faith asked, a dazzling smile decorating her beautiful face.

“I’m not sure there are words to describe what he’s feeling now.”

“You did good, Taylor.” She reached out and interlaced her fingers with his. “Really, really good.”

“I get things right every now and then.” He lifted her hand to his mouth and touched her palm to his lips. “I married you, didn’t I?”

Faith chuckled but refused to bite. “How’d you do it, Taylor?”

“It happened by chance, actually.” He cupped her hand between both of his. “A couple weeks ago, I found this brochure sitting on top of the daily stack of mail on my desk at the office. It was for a little Christmas community in Alaska called the North Pole Village. The pictures were so pretty, the snow so white that I had to call. They have several cabins for rent every year at Christmas, and they’d just had a cabin open up. Needless to say, I snatched it up.”

“It sounds wonderful. Do you still have the brochure? I’d like to look at it.”

He shook his head, confusion furrowing his brow. “I haven’t been able to find it since I booked the cabin. I swore I put it in my briefcase, but when I went to search for it the other day, I couldn’t find it.”

“Still, it sounds like a wonderful vacation, and J.D. is obviously thrilled.”

“Aside from the cabin,” he continued, “I’ve made arrangements for several family outings while we’re on our Christmas Morning Countdown.”

Curiosity widened her eyes. She looked like a kid herself right now. “Like what?”

He cocked his left eyebrow and curled his lips into the smuggest smile he could muster. “It’s a surprise, Sweetheart.”